What makes us unique !


Build Your Own Credit Score

We at CashMall don't discriminate people. No matter what your credit score is, we provide you an opportunity to build your own credit score with CashMall Credit Score.
CashMall Credit Score will be built using combination of timely payment of the installments and based on our intelligent algorithm to detect you repayment capability based on your financial SMSs. As your credit score increases making you eligible for higher and higher loans.

EDI (Equal Daily Installments)

You might have heard about EMI. We, for the first time, are bringing EDI (Equal Daily Installments). Our E-NACH services automatically deduct daily installments from your bank account. You don't have to do anything. No hassle of going to the bank every day.

24/7 Loan Disbursal

We understand that our clients may need loans for emergencies at an inconvenient time. With the help of highly automated technology, we are able to disburse loan 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year!

Automated Process

We at CashMall have developed highly automated algorithms. Due to zero manual interference, the loan is approved in seconds.

Quick Transfer

Once the process is done and your loan is approved it takes hardly anytime to disburse the loan and the amount gets deposited in your account immediately.