Our Services


Software Development

Business is about in multiple aspects - supply chain, operations, administration, customer satisfaction & analytics. Micromanaging all these aspects with speed & efficiency towards reaching a certain business goal, is what drives demand for a custom software solution. Digital transformation in recent years has witnessed companies adopting Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain to derive value in business. The business world is now than ever ready for tailored, targeted & well-designed platforms to boost business processes & revenue.

The awareness to offer high-quality service & rich customer experience with practical applications of technology has paved the way for on-demand software services. These include-Application customizations, software engineering, software testing, quality assurance, system integration, technology consulting and software support.

What we offer is a powerful combination of tech expertise in agile and scrum, mature low-risk processes, and proven track record to help you organize team’s resources effectively, achieve faster market feedback, and cut costs.


Mobile App Development

One of the important digital environment key features is being multi-channel. Establishing credibility across channels & same level of experience is indeed a daunting task. Working out how each channel fits into the overall business strategy will reap rewards down the line. The paradigm shift from web to mobile in recent years with the number of mobile users across the globe estimated to be over 3.7 billion & growing, it is important for business to leverage on this opportunity. Accessible & optimized mobile solutions will drive customer connectivity, trust & communication.

Mobile app is a worthwhile way to spend time & money to target the right audience and engage with them effectively. Mobile phones with their unique feature of reach & penetration offer access, information, guidance and entertainment. Apps help in accomplishing difficult & time-consuming business process in few minutes or even seconds. Business needs to take advantage of a native, web-based or hybrid app and streamline business processes to new age technology.

Our team of UI/UX Designers, full stack developers & quality analyst work to get strategically designed & creatively crafted mobile application to help grow any business. We partner with enterprises to assess their mobile-readiness and prepare them to be a ‘Mobile First’ organization.


Resource Augmentation

A sales & service organization needs to focus its resources, skills & innovations to be able to deliver its services at reduced cost and offer its customers improvements of service processes. As a crucial business strategy, after-sales service comprises of timely delivery, installation of the product, service quality & feedback. Businesses can benefit from service loyalty, service quality, customer satisfaction & customer retention, which indirectly contribute to increasing revenue & profits.

We can, for our clients build / deploy a business function specific team that would optimise the performance of that particular business function. Our forte lies in deploying teams for technology and support with flexibility that all businesses would need.