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There are many unique features that we are bringing for the first time in India. CashMall is truly a high-end technology brought to you for the fastest and hassle-free loan.

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It just takes three simple steps !


1. Check eligibility and select a loan plan

Fill in a few basic details to check your eligibility for CashMall instant loans and get a Credit Line. A Credit Line is the total amount of loan you can get from CashMall. To maintain EMIs better, it is recommended that you take a loan of only up to 50% of your approved line of credit. Once you get your Credit Line, you can choose the loan amount. Choose the best combination of loan duration and EMIs to select your loan plan.

2. Upload KYC Documents

To get your loan approval, you have to upload a few documents to complete your KYC. You are also required to sign the loan agreement and a NACH form to enable auto-deduction of EMIs. NACH stands for National Automated Clearing House is a centralised web-based payment system, regulated and supervised by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for bulk money transactions. NACH form ensures that you don’t miss on your EMI payments and impact your credit score negatively. The best part – the entire process is paperless. Once you upload all required documents, you get an approval within 2 working hours. 

3. Get Your Money

Once your loan is approved and the application procedure is complete, your money will be directly transferred to your account quickly

Calculate your EMI

Loan Amount ₹ 1,00,000

Loan Term    EMI (per month)    Total interest       

      3            ₹ 35,353              ₹ 6,059

        6            ₹ 18,460              ₹ 10,760

        9            ₹ 12,605              ₹ 13,445

       12           ₹ 9,690                ₹ 16,280

       15           ₹ 7,899                ₹ 18,485

       18           ₹ 6,788                ₹ 22,184

       24           ₹ 5,408                ₹ 29,792

*The tenures shown here are indicative. Actual tenures may vary depending on your eligibility. 

Are you eligible for a personal loan?

To be eligible to get a personal loan from CashMall, you should fulfill the following eligibility criteria

  • Resident of India

  • Age: 21 years to 60 years

  • Employment Type: Salaried and Self-employed

  • Minimum Monthly Income: Rs. 12,000 for salaried and Rs. 15,000 for self-employed

What are the documents required?

To get a personal loan instantly, you should keep some documents handy before you start applying.

  • Proof of Identity
    PAN Card or Aadhaar Card

  • Proof of Address
    Aadhaar card, Rental agreement, Utility or Postpaid bills

  • Proof of Income
    Last 3 months bank Statements

  • A Selfie