About us

About us

Cashmall.in has a mission to revolutionize the online shopping experience of Indian consumers and help them shop smart. Cashmall.in provides cashback and coupons on an extensive range of products and services such as travel, lifestyle, apparels, electronics and the list goes on.. 

We bring you the best offers from the widest range of online retailers and provide the most efficient service treating customer as the king.

How does it work?

Online retailers provide us a commission for generating sales and we pass this entire amount to our customers in the form of cashback. That means shopping through us will not only get you the best offers but also amazing cashback on those purchases.

The discount codes featured on our site along with the cashback will help you get the maximum possible savings.

Join n Browse

Sign up on Cashmall.in to create your account. Browse through your favorite online stores for the best cashback offers and coupons.


Go to the retailer you choose through the link on Cashmall.in. Shop as you normally would and get a percentage of the amount you spent as cashback on your purchases.


As soon as the retailer confirms your purchase, your cashback will be transferred to your Cashmall.in account.You can either request for an online transfer or redeem your cash through the following options:

  • Mobile / DTH Recharge
  • Shopping vouchers

Why Cashmall.in

·         Free to Join

Creating your account with Cashmall.in will not cost you a rupee. There is no joining fees either upfront or at any other time.

·         Cashback

We give you 100% of the commission paid to us by retailers when you make a purchase. Our payout rates are projected to be highest in the Indian cashback scenario.

Cashmall.in charges a nominal processing & account maintenance fee of Rs.99 for every Rs. 1000/- cashback redeemed.

·         Discount Coupons

We offer you exclusive coupons and discount vouchers that are compatible with cashback, enabling you to get an instant discount in addition to your cashback earnings. Cashmall.in team is constantly bringing you the best offers.

·         Freedom to choose

You have the freedom to choose how you want your cash back. Customers can either request for a online bank transfer or redeem the cash in your Cashmall.in account through the following options:
- Mobile/DTH Recharge
- bank transfer 

·         Widest Range

Cashmall.in has the widest range of online retailers and we can help you to save on almost anything.

·         Exclusive Offers

Collaborating with your favorite online retailers we bring you some exclusive offers and coupons that you won't find anywhere else.

·         Refer & Earn

Recommending us is the greatest compliment you can pay us. Get your friends onboard, and receive cashback for every referral. We are so keen for you to tell everyone, we will even pay you a Rs. 50 referral fee for everyone you invite (via a referral link) who becomes an active member and earns over Rs. 99 in cashback for themselves.

·         Best Service

We at Cashmall.in aim to provide our customers an efficient, smart and beneficial shopping experience. Your cashback purchases track perfectly in the first time itself but for those that do not, we will see every enquiry through to a resolution, while we aim to respond to every help ticket within 48 hours.

·         No Spam Advertisements

We know how annoying it can be to use a website littered with third party advertising, so we simply do not have it on our site. Any retailer promotion you might see on Cashmall.in is only here because that retailer is prepared to offer you great savings.

·         Trusted

We aim to operate to the highest professional standards. Your information is protected with stringent security measures.

Enter the world of Cashmall.in and discover smart shopping.